Industrial Shock Absorber

SunWater, who owns and manages approximately 40% of Queensland’s total  water infrastructure assets, wanted to reduce the maintenance labor required and the complexity involved in servicing shock absorbers used on irrigation channel wave gates.

Prior to contacting IBS Engineering Supplies & Innovative Solutions, the existing shock absorbers were manufactured as permanent assemblies, and required the use of cutting discs to disassemble. After oil and seals had been replaced, the shock absorbers were then re-assembled, which required welding. All of this had to be completed on site.

To resolve this problem, IBS used 3D modeling to reverse engineer and re-design the existing shock    absorbers. A new assembly method was developed as were upgrades to the internal flow control valve. Once modifications were complete, IBS manufactured a new batch of shock absorbers to the various sizes required.

The redesigned shock absorbers have replaced the previous design in working conditions at SunWater sites. Servicing can now be completed at approximately 1/4 of the time it previously took with no special equipment required; only basic hand tools.


About Darryl Anderson

Darryl is the Financial Controller at IBS but also dabbles in marketing, IT, and when he needs to "get away" you can sometimes find him in freight. In his spare time he enjoys watching TV and movies, reading, wandering, or playing the Trumpet. He also has an unhealthy obsession with Lolcats.