Mango De-Stemmer

At IBS, we always pride ourselves on being innovative, so when Mango farmer Adrian Zugno approached us about devising a machine that could decrease sap burn and production costs, we jumped at the chance.

Sap burn is the largest single quality problem with mangoes caused by poor harvesting and handling techniques. It’s normally caused when the stem of the mango is cut too short resulting in the sap exuding out and spreading over the fruit peel causing skin damage.

In addition to burning the fruit, the caustic sap can cause skin irritation or much more severe reactions in people.

The IBS Centre of Engineering Innovation has designed and manufactured a the Mango De-Stemmer to cut the stems to a uniform length, ensuring no sap escapes resulting in a clean high quality fruit. Not only that, it cuts down on production costs, staff training is greatly reduced and you end up with a high quality fruit ready to send to the market. It’s quality you can control.

“The steps involved are fewer and less complex, enabling them to do the right job all day. This, in turn, results in consistent better quality and fewer market issues.” – Adrian Zugno, Mango Farmer

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About Darryl Anderson

Darryl is the Financial Controller at IBS but also dabbles in marketing, IT, and when he needs to "get away" you can sometimes find him in freight. In his spare time he enjoys watching TV and movies, reading, wandering, or playing the Trumpet. He also has an unhealthy obsession with Lolcats.