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Z Belt Conveyor

The newly developed Z Belt Conveyor was designed for split level applications for cartons or boxes. The design allows for a quick and easy adjustment of the bed slope between 5 and 29 degrees (with an indicator built into the side displaying the current angle). The design allows for independent adjustment of both ends of […]

Bushpig Trailers – Made for off-road

New from IBS Engineering Supplies and Innovative Solutions are the Bushpig Trailers. Bush Pig Trailer kits are designed to work. Built tough for our Australian outback, the trailers are light weight, heavy duty, and virtually zero maintenance. The trailers are built with fully galvanized frame and panels and are available ready made or in flat […]

The Melon Warrior

The workshop crew have recently put the finishing touches on the affectionately named “Melon Warrior”; a melon transport truck that will soon be used by Rapisarda Farms in the Burdekin for transporting Melons picked in the paddock back to the packing facility. We had previously completed works for Rapisarda Farms for conveyor systems as an […]

Industrial Shock Absorber

SunWater, who owns and manages approximately 40% of Queensland’s total  water infrastructure assets, wanted to reduce the maintenance labor required and the complexity involved in servicing shock absorbers used on irrigation channel wave gates. Prior to contacting IBS Engineering Supplies & Innovative Solutions, the existing shock absorbers were manufactured as permanent assemblies, and required the […]

Mango De-Stemmer

At IBS, we always pride ourselves on being innovative, so when Mango farmer Adrian Zugno approached us about devising a machine that could decrease sap burn and production costs, we jumped at the chance. Sap burn is the largest single quality problem with mangoes caused by poor harvesting and handling techniques. It’s normally caused when […]

A Better Spreader

“It’s 150% better” said Bruno not 5 minutes into the first trial with the upgraded spreader, even before any adjustment to the throwing positions were made. The IBS Centre of Engineering Innovation had just completed upgrades to John and Bruno Casale’s (Casale Brothers) fertilizer spreader. New throwers were designed and manufactured that ensure that fertilizer […]